'This Property Condemned' 

By Tennessee Williams
"...the English Madeleine Wynne, utterly convincing accent and dramatic authority." 


'Talk to me like the rain and let me listen'

By Tennesse Williams

"'The rarest work on offer.. ... ... Williams, the poet of the lonely, disorientated and rootless, beautifully performed by Madeleine Wynne who must be seen again. She is also associate director of a festival of new plays at the Old Red Lion, Islington."


- Martin Hoyle, Financial Times


'Talk to me like the rain and let me listen'

By Tennesse Williams

"the alcoholic woman in 'Talk to me like the rain and let me listen', beautifully played by Madeleine Wynne, who dreams of an existence without anxiety and responsibility, has the tragic lyricism of the mature playwright."


- Don Chapman, The Critic, Oxford


'The Miracle Worker'

By William Gibson
" ...a word must be said for Madeleine Wynne as Kate, who was well able to convey this character's sadness by her eyes alone." 

- Susan Corbett, The Stage


'Abigail's Party'

by Mike Leigh
"...Madeleine Wynne made a splendid debut as Beverly, the lively, vulgar, nasally cockney chatterbox, gushing with cliches ("Jew no wot I mean?") forever proffering unwanted helpful suggestions; a thoroughly exasperating character, but a deliciously entertaining performance, which was being lauded all round at the interval."


'Relatively Speaking'

By Alan Ayckbourn
"...Madeleine Wynne partnered him fetchingly as Ginny Whittaker, prettily provoking, anxiously loving, yet sustaining her unexpected doubling as business mans amanuensis and mistress."



by Henrik Ibsen
"Madeleine Wynn as Regina began courteous and solicitous as the servant, then acquired a look of shining purity and pathos as Oswald's love, smiling shyly, frowning anxiously, radiant yet fearful."



by Alan Ayckbourn
"...Madeleine Wynne, gave a delightful cameo of dim, artless embarrassment and in a riotous end at a disastrous village fete...a jolly splay legged tea- tent volunteer."


- Bill Prentice, Ayrshire Post